Infidelity Recovery from a Predator Affair

Eric’s wife succumbs to the seduction of a sexual predator and two times a year engaged in intense “kinky” sex with the man.

The “affair” is now over.

How do Eric and his wife recover?

How can Eric stop condemning himself for “missing it?”

How can Eric understand and accept her kinky sex with the other person when Eric never experienced that with her?

Learn about the 5 recovery areas for Eric.

Listen to my live coaching session and personal review of the session with Eric.

Also, read responses from listeners and readers, such as:

1. If Eric’s situation is/was similar to yours, list 2 things you said or did that were helpful.

My spouse also had a “sleazy” type of affair – his was more emotional though. I think that I would accept his blaming of me for a short while just to get him to keep talking. I knew that it was a way for him to justify what he did After awhile I then rebutted and let him know the way that I felt things really were and that with a few exceptions I was not going to take the blame.

2. From your personal experience and what you have learned about infidelity, what 2 suggestions would you give to Eric?

He is much further along than me, but I would suggest that he takes good care of himself. It is too easy to let yourself be last on the list when your mind is constantly on the situation. I might suggest that he keeps a diary or notes. Seemed like once I had everything down I did not feel the need to keep rerunning everything in my mind over and over again.

3. List a couple benefits you received from listening to this tape.

I realized that it is possible to be TOTALLY duped by a spouse – I do not feel so dumb for not having a clue.

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