Infidelity Help to Survive and Cope with Extramarital Affairs

Get Focused
Get a Plan to Counter the Infidelity
Be More Confident and Decisive
Feel the Agony and Devastation Fade Away

Dr. Bob Huizenga – The Infidelity Coach

Yes, Really. Yes, this really is…

Yes, this really is me. I did not hire a copy writer. The e-books, e-courses, articles, downloads and this life-changing information (including this page) come from my heart and over 25 years of experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist working with hundreds couples and literally thousands of people facing infidelity. The materials also come from the excruciating pain and craziness of the infidelity in my marriage some time ago. Yes, the materials are all mine. My passion and purpose in life is to help you through this nightmare. This is what I am to do. I am convinced of that. And, I do help about 90-95% of those who open themselves to me and trust what I offer. Enough about me. My focus is now you. Here’s what I want for you:

Get through this faster! Gain confidence. Clear the fog of confusion and diminish the pain.
Have the crazy days, sleepless nights, absent appetite and queasy stomach fade.
Find the strength and courage you never thought you had. Exude a new power. S/He will notice and it will shake his/her world.
Know in your heart that the affair is not your fault. No more self-blame and self-loathing. (You really did your best, you know)
Know exactly why s/he had the affair. You will know him/her better than he knows him/her self.
In the next 6 months turn this disaster into a new opportunity.
Melt your rage and hurt into understanding and eventually compassion.
Become an expert in affairs. Outsmart him/her and the OP.
Be tough AND patient and understanding.
Eyeball him/her and s/he will be the first to blink.
Surprise yourself and partner with your newfound wisdom and insight.
Have a REAL chance to stop the affair.
Say the right words that shake your partner to the bone so s/he stops to truly consider the folly of the affair.

Take advantage of this help for the infidelity and extramarital affair that is devastating your life:

Infidelity Help: Begin Breaking Free

Break Free From the Affair

The highly acclaimed step-by-step e-book to help you break through the confusion and fear. Discover the right words to say and when to say them so that they have the maximum impact. Discover ways to stay connected, yet not push him/her away. Identify specifically the kind of affair (there are 7) that you are up against. Feel more confident because you know exactly what will work and what will not work.

Infidelity Help: Your Personal Coach

The Infidelity Help Coaching Staff

Find relief and answers from infidelity much quicker. Be smarter. Discover different ways of thinking about the affair and use strategies that fit your kind of infidelity. Find yourself affirmed and gaining confidence. Find the oasis where you are really heard and begin purposefully design your life and relationships. Become bolder. Rehearse what you must say to survive infidelity and move ahead.