How to Catch Cheating Spouse with Reverse Phone Number Search

Do you want to confirm that your spouse is cheating, or possibly contact the other person? If this is the path you chose to take, the following video might be of use to you.

How to Catch your Wife Cheating

Hear from Donna Barnes, life and relationship coach, on how to know if your wife is cheating. She gives advice on what clues and signs you should watch for if you suspect your wife is cheating.

Video: Cheating Husband, Revenge, and Dr. Phil

Today’s video is a clip from The Dr. Phil Show regarding how far is too far when planning revenge on a cheating spouse. Dr. Phil discusses the difference between an irresistible impulse and an impulse not resisted. He describes this particular woman’s revenge as an impulse not resisted, considering she actually ran over her cheating husband with her Mercedes, not once, but twice.

According to the video, this woman’s husband claimed he would stop sleeping with his secretary is his wife lost weight and got breast implants.

The video takes a comedic turn when Dr. Gina Barreca argues that the woman showed admirable restraint by ONLY running over him twice. She goes on to explain that most women would have taken a number to run over him, and that she will most likely have woman waiting with balloons and fruit when she is released from prison.

Check it out…