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Surviving Infidelity: Getting Rid of Images

Video #6 in the Surviving infidelity Q&A Series

Dr Huizenga, the infidelity coach, gives tips on how to get rid of the negative images that intrude around the infidelity of a spouse.

Discover why it is important to understand the meaning of the images and the most important question to ask regarding the disturbing images and thoughts.

Dr. Huizenga talks briefly about EMDR.

Surviving Infidelity: Do I Confront the OP?

Do I Confront the OP (Other Person)?

Some find the confrontation helpful and others would be better refraining from the confrontation.

I give tips on confronting the other person and also examine the ramifications of the confrontation for particular types of affairs.

Getting the Cheating Spouse to Talk

How do you get the cheating spouse to talk more when surviving infidelity and the extramarital affair?

Dr. Huizenga – the infidelity coach – helps you understand the reasons (3) why the cheating spouse may clam up and tips (3) on opening lines of communication in surviving an affair.