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The Stress Of Divorce

Facing the infidelity in a marriage generates am inordinate amount of stress and tension. Add to that the movement toward separation and divorce and you have a window of a months in which one's ability to manage and deal with that tension is challenged. In this article Tracy talks about the importance of managing that stress and tension. She gives 6 important reminders and keys to keep yourself sane and headed to where you really want to go.

Protecting Your Credit During Divorce

This is another post in the series on how to move effectively through the divorce process once it is apparent the marriage is ended as a result of the infidelity or extramarital affair. In this article Tracy looks at the issue of your credit standing. She also examines the different types of financial accounts that may be shared or controlled by the spouse, and what you must do to protect yourself and manage those accounts. Tracy also discusses the need to establish a personal credit history.

Divorce Considerations For Women

This article is specifically written for women (who typically experience a 30% reduction in their standard of living after divorce) whom are almost certainly headed for divorce. Tracy gives an overview of what you must consider in moving through he divorce process. This article is helpful for those who have struggled with the infidelity, moved through the ambivalence and it's obvious the marriage will not work. Tracy gives a check list of steps and actions to take when considering financial and legal strategies, record keeping, support issues, insurance, retirement and social security, property and assets, taxes and liens and documents and records.

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