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Intense Infidelity Feelings Mean You are Normal!

One of the huge benefits of using the chat room, subscribing to my free e-course, receiving my free Newsletter and reading my articles is that you normalize your feelings…and thoughts.

You realize you truly are not crazy.

In reality, what you experience is experienced by many if not all facing extramarital affairs.

One of my favorite sounds is someone taking a deep sigh of relief once this sinks in.

It happens often here.

Read some of these comments from those who signed up for my free e-course:

It has made me realize that it is not the problem but the result of a much more significant underlying issue or set of issues.

For me it was truly a shock when I found out that my husband was having an affair, I come from a divorced family and I always thought that in the one thing I wanted to succeed in life was in my marriage, I felt weak as if I hadn?t done well the one thing I always said I was going to do not just good but extraordinary. When I found out I felt very lonely because I couldn?t talk about it with no one, my parents nor my sisters know nothing and they usually know everything that is going around in my life, so I have to thank you with all my heart for your e-mails because I really felt understood when I read each one of them, they made me feel secure and accompanied. Once again, thank you.

Well i know I have to acknowelege my husband’s feelings even though he cheated on me.To know that I’m not the only one feeling this way has helped me a lot. I now understand why it’s not good to say. ‘I love you” to your spouse after they have cheated. I’m learning so much from this program.

Part 2 was a real wakeup call to how I was behaving and what it meant. Each part helped me to face this process differently. I feel so much more in control after the chaos I have been through. I have realised there is a way to deal with this infidelity and it was not what I thought! Thank you for the course.

The course, chatrooms and books help me to feel that my actions, perceptions and feelings are not a sickness. i had immediately gone to a dr., after discovery, wanting a pill to make it better. I thought my feelings and actions were irrational and needed to be supressed with drugs. I was honestly balistic over this. I regreted my behavior after my outbursts or confrontations. I regreted what I had turned it to and wanted a pill to fix it. The ecourse and the literature reassures me this is a process.

When I read the E-mails I felt validated as though someone had written my feelings and turmoils in a concise, accurate manner; but I recognized the value of those words after having gone through it but wouldn’t have recognized the value not experiencing it. They would have been meaningless and unable to remember the words — but they are forever etched in my memory now from experience.

Wishing you well.

And, oh yes, make sure you sign up for my free ecourse on this page.