Infidelity Support: Infidelity Chat Room

Many find the chat room a place of healing and comfort. If you find it helpful to talk through your concerns, want to feel that you are not alone and are looking for some friends, Please try out the chat room.

Here are some comments by chat room visitors:

1. List 2-3 ways the Chat Room has played a significant part in your “recovery.”

1. I am able to tell people who understand how I feel in a safe,distant, but compforting and friendly place. 2. I found that I have advice too, and helping someone else makes me feel good.

I am the WS and its good to hear BS’s feelings. My BS is also a memeber and we go into chat together, so people can see R is possible. I thank god for the chat room, when I ‘took off’ ,u H had a place to talk to people in the same situation.

reassurance that im not going crazy, other people in my shoes, and suppory in recovering my marriage

I can say exactly what is on my mind. The people know the pain I am going through

gives me a place for a group therapy session gives an outlet with those who have experienced the same level of pain and agony that I am going though provides hope with those who have survived

2. What are a couple pieces of advice you would give a newbie to the Chat Room?

1. Be open and honest. The people in the chat room are friendly and care. They will become your friends if you allow them to. 2. Never be angry or judgmental in the room, everyone in there on either side of the fence is hurting and needs/wants help.

R is a long process, forgivness plays a big part in the recovery. Vent all you want, we’re here to sipport you.

There are people here from both sides, listen and dont be afraid to share even your dark

Speak freely and say exactly how you are feelingthoughts

do not be afraid to tell your story, everyone here is or has walked in your shoes

Infidelity Chat Room

Have you been to the infidelity chat room? It may not be for everyone, but some find it a key component in recovering from infidelity.

Listen to what some chat room users say:

1. List 2-3 ways the Chat Room has played a significant part in your “recovery.”

>>>>I realize that I am not alone and unfortunately my husband has used the same lies and excuses that almost every other betrayed spouse has.

>>>>I no longer feel alone. When my husband is being nasty and distant I log on and chat to the others. The support is a God sent.

>>>>someone is always there to listen seeing that others have also gone through it helps

>>>>I am very new myself..not much for stories to tell, just that I appreciate the opportunity to hear others opinions…hearing from someone who has hurt the same as I means more to me than you will ever realize!

>>>>Sharing of the pain Realizing there’s worse off than yourself Getting things off my chest

2. What are a couple pieces of advice you would give a newbie to the Chat Room?

>>>>Just dive in and let people know your story. Everyone is really supportive and wants to help you through the pain

>>>>Wait – listen – take support and give support

>>>>dive right in – you will feel better check back often – there are different people on at different times

>>>>You’ll be surprised at the relief talking with people coming from the same situation does to make you not feel like you’re the only one going through this. Sadly it’s all too common :-( Our situation (blended family) had a lot of other sub issues which contributed to it all. Speaking to others on how they handle things, not just an affair is also very helpful & humanising.

Value of Infidelity Chat Room

The Chat room has proven invaluable to a number of those wandering through the confusion and pain of infidelity.

Here are what a few say about wanting a Chat Room:

My husband has commented that he has “nobody to talk to” as he goes through ending his affair. His friends don’t “get it” and their wives don’t want them hanging out with him (like infidelity is contagious?) He talks with me, but there are some things that can’t be shared, and I can’t hear it all the time. It almost feels like an addiction, in a way, and the support of the type of community that deals with addiction (like AA) would be helpful in thsi situation. I would like a chat room for people who are healing from infidelity to have a place to go for support, encouragement, to help set the thinking straight, and just to have a place to get things out. However, I feel strongly that it would have to be facilitated by people who have some sort of training on the subject of infidelity, who have been through it and can provide re-direction if the conversation turns in the wrong direction, etc. I think it could be a great thing if done properly.


I’m so desperate at times to speak and find help from people in similar situatioms going through or been through what i’m in right now…… I FEEL SO LOST, LONELY AND JUST CANT FUNCTION

its be nice to talk to others that are going thru this Bull—- that was brought into our homes, families

Sort of like AA – need to hear what others are doing successfully in this situation.

The Chat Room is reality. You may check out and visit the Chat Room here.