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Speak Your Mind Calmly

Emotional infidelity can be one of the most devastating types of affairs...and todays guest bloggers, Doug and Linda, know this all too well. You will hear directly from a couple who survived infidelity and moved on to create a blog about their emotional affair journey. This blog post is about speaking your mind calmly, not only when dealing with infidelity, but in all issues regarding your relationship. Burying anger and avoiding confrontation is something they believe led to a lack of communication in their marriage. Holding their emotions and anger inside resulted in a build up of resentment which, in turn, led to serious problems in their marriage.

Falling In Love With Two People

The guest blogger today is discussing the importance of falling in love…not falling in love with another person, but yourself. Do you remember how wonderful it was when you first fell in love with your spouse/partner? Do you remember how confident and whole you felt in their presence? Being around them actually made you feel better, emotionally and even physically. A healthy love for yourself can be the deepest, most meaningful kind of love you’ll find. When you have this, everything else seems to fall into place, including your relationships with others. Check out the post by David Wygant on the importance of Falling in Love with Two People.

Couple Shares Outcome of Emotional Affair

The guest blogger today is a couple who have survived and redesigned their marriage after the husband’s emotional affair.

They write to tell their story and help others who might be experiencing an emotional affair as well.

Here’s what the husband writes:

Linda often tells me she doesn’t understand how I could have let myself get involved in an emotional affair with another woman. I can honestly say there wasn’t any singular reason or that I was looking for some kind of mid-life thrill. It was something that just happened. Unusual circumstances at work brought Tanya and I much closer than married co-workers should become. Combine that with dissatisfaction in her marriage and the marital “rut” that Linda and I were in, and there was a recipe for this type of marital affair to occur.

We found in each other certain feelings and personality traits that were missing in our marital relationships, and the result was a kind of euphoria that wasn’t existing at home. Only through Linda’s diligent efforts to save our marriage and my snapping back into reality did I realize just how stupid I had been. If I would have just been smart enough to confide in Linda when I initially felt like we were having marriage problems, I’m certain none of this would have happened.

The foundation of our love and our relationship was still sound: our kids, our home, our history together and all the things we have in common. But somehow we let the trials and tribulations of everyday life stop us from continuing to build upon this solid foundation which resulted in my devastating emotional infidelity.