Recovering from Infidelity

What does it take for a person to recover from infidelity and begin rebuilding one’s life and perhaps marriage or relationship?

This important question is answered by some of my readers who express what was helpful for them in recovering from infidelity:

>>>>I clearly identified what kind of “cheater” my husband is and feel a great sense of relief as well as strategies on how to approach him accordingly. I also am clear about how to take care of myself in a natural and strong way.

>>>>I learned what behaviors I should exhibit. I learned what behaviors I had been doing that were making things worse. I got a sense of what type of affair (in my wife’s case, just an emotional one thus far) my wife was having and what that meant for her psychologically.

>>>>My wife had a #6, she needed to prove her desirability. Your book, which I now suggest to everyone in my situation, really nailed her personality type and issues related to the affair.

>>>>I actually feel a little better because it seems like such a practical tool for how to deal with my husband on some of these issues.

>>>>I have some guidance to use. I have only just started using them but feel that the charging neutral is one of the best tips I have received.

>>>>It has helped me understand what is going on in my husband’s head.

>>>>Identifying the type of person my spouse is and applying the strategies was very helpful.

>>>>It helped me understand the odds of saving my marriage based on the type of affair my wife is having. As a result, it gave me the strength to move forward with my life without my wife and it also gave me pointers of what not to do. Finally, it helped me understand that there is a ~70% chance that my wife’s affair / relationship will end in failure.

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