Marital Infidelity and Past Sexual Trauma

I’m putting together 18 LIVE REAL TIME coaching sessions with real people facing infidelity.

I guarantee that with one or more of these audio sessions, your ear will hang on every word.

These coaching sessions are that real.

That down to earth.

That practical.

That powerful.

Here’s a coaching summary of a taped Coaching Session with Mike:

Four months ago Mike caught his wife exiting a hotel room with a man. But this was odd: she was ashen white, walking 10 feet in front of the OP and looking terribly disturbed.

After the “affair” she committed to the marriage.

However, it’s been anything but smooth.

She approaches Mike but hits a panic button and bolts away.

Mike agonizes about the future, the well-being of their daughter and what he can do to “make it better.”

A secret from the past sheds light on her unpredictable behavior and raises questions for Mike about his role and the time frame for reconciliation.


Before I offer?my Live taped coaching sessions?to the public, I’ve asked my Newsletter subscribers to listen to them and give feedback.

And, wow, the responses have been mind-blowing.

You hear their story. You hear the struggle. You hear the questions. You follow their story (maybe similar to yours) as it moves to steps of resolution and hope.

I’m going to offer the first 50 people a chance to get a very special offer. By the response I’ve been getting, once they are released, they will be gone.

Please go here to learn more about Mike and sign up to be one of the first 50!


  1. It has been almost a year now since I found out about my wife’s affair which she claims to have ended.

    I truly have had many ups and downs since then. But this last weekend I hit rock-bottom
    and I have no where to go but up. It was my birthday which I dreaded because last year we had
    great sex on my birthday, she was so passionate and into it. Well it was not because of me but the OP, because she had sex with him the very next day she had to be thinking of him the whole time.

    Well you would think it has gotten better with time but it has not really.

    Today is our 10th Anniversary and last night I was lying awake in bed just thinking about us.
    Next thing I know my wife is moaning and moving around … then she calls out the OP’s name.
    She was just laying there sleeping and dreaming of making love to him even though it is our anniversary. I knew it…just knew she had been longing for this guy if she has ever stopped seeing him.

    She claims I am crazy and she did no such thing or had no such dream.
    But I was awake for the whole thing. I have tried but now I just cannot continue with her knowing it is him she longs for. Dr. Bob gives great advice but sometimes if both parties do not want to try you must end it.

    We are done! I knew my gut was telling me something again.
    The lord will indeed show you what you need to see.
    He has revealed several things to me over the past year I thought would never happen between my wife and me. Last night was just unreal…there is no way I could dream of another woman during my Anniversary with my wife right next to me.

    There is no way I can forgive her for sure now. We cannot move on or past this.
    I must live my life without her and rebuild it.

    Good Luck to you all!


  2. I agree BJ…I have recently made a similar choice as much as I love and care for my ex husband, i could not handle knowing the fantasy of another was alive and well in him, by certain things he said to me etc. I applaud your decision to leave old bad blood behind you and look to a brighter future.

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