Jenny Sanford – Stand by her Man?

Let’s assume that Mark Sanford is a serial cheater or the more common expression of
that: a philanderer. That type of affair coincides most closely with what I identify
in my ebook as the “I Don’t Want to Say No” type of affair.

The dilemma for the wounded spouse (Jenny) is: “Should I Stay or Should I go?” Or
more precisely, “How do I handle the immediate onslaught of publicity, what does
that say about me as a woman or person and what are the implications for future

The wounded spouse in the “I Don’t want to Say No” type of affair is beset with
difficult decisions. Frequently the wounded spouse has a huge investment in the
lifestye of her cheating husband. She has dreams, expectations, seeming comfort,
prestige and a “cushy life” – at least on the surface.

Many prominent wives of philanderers “stand by their man.” Jackie O and Hilary
Clinton pop to my mind first. The wife of a prominent clergy discovered in adultery
stated, “He was under such pressure and needed his needs met” stood by her man.

A wounded spouse with a growing sense of personal integrity may at some point say,
“Enough is enough.”

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