Healing From Infidelity

Healing from infidelity is a process. I ask my readers periodically what is important for them in the healing process.

In asking those who read “Break Free From the Affair” to respond, I received these comments:

>>>>I also appreciate the considerations about whether or not I want to save the relationship. There is definitely a common underlying tone between ALL the types of affairs that helped me understand the weaknesses of my spouse. The selfish behaviors, governed by my spouses internal issues helps me feel a little better about myself – I know her affair wasn’t my fault but now I have a better sense of “why”.

>>>>It helped with empathy for myself and my husband. It also made me realize that we both make our own choices and must suffer the consequences. The questions also helped me identify where I was stuck.

>>>>it helped clarify the type of affair my husband is having (seems like a mix of a few types) and gave some real examples of how to proceed, and not be stuck. It is also very clear now to me that I need to start working on myself, and understanding my needs.

>>>>It made me realize that the patterns and behaviors I am seeing and going through myself are normal and that I am not alone. It also gave me hope that my marriage can be saved.

>>>>Gained clarity as to what happened and why.Gained confidence and self-esteem.Assurance that I wasn’t crazy or responsible for the whole situation.

>>>>Gave an outline of what to expect, like a path.


  1. I have just confirmed that my spouse is having an extra marital affair. I got to know about it a year before but we were having problems with a sick child and i naively thought it had gone away. I realised it had never stopped and even during the times i was in hospital with our sick son the affair was going on.

    i am still hurting a lot and looking for healing because i dont want it to consume me. Please pray for me and also give me more tips on how to overcome this pain. I think i have a heartache.

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