Confronting Your Partner: Sudden Changes Should Not Be Ignored

Is your partner acting strange? Do you feel like something is off with him or her? Do think that he or she is hiding something from you? And, if you do, should you ask him or her about it?

An increasing number of men and women have engaged in an extramarital affair at some point in their marriages, and chances are, someone close to you is a part of that number since there are quite a few affairs that never even get discovered.

Although it is a vital part of any relationship to trust your partner, you should always remember that you have to trust in your own instincts as well. There are some telltale signs that will give away your partner if ever he or she is indeed having an affair, and you shouldn’t ignore them once you see them.

A few of them are pretty basic, such as a sudden change in his or her daily routine and behavioral patterns. Others take a while to get noticed, like a lack of focus in work or any activity he or she is doing, a detachment or disinterest in things related to your relationship, or a change in habits.

Signs like these should not be ignored, and should be confronted right away, especially if for some reason you find it very out of character and uncomfortable. The way the confrontation will go will, of course, will depend on the status of your relationship. Make sure that you do in a way that will bring reconciliation and understanding to the relationship, and not cause conflict or fights. Confronting your partner with your suspicions is very different from attacking him or her with them, so be careful with the way that you do it. Remember that knowing the truth of what is going on in his or her life is better than being filled with questions that don’t get answered.


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