Affair Details: Reasons Why They Are Kept From You

When you discover that your partner is or was involved in an extramarital affair, it becomes important to you to know all the details you can find out about it. This is never as simple, though, as asking questions and your partner giving answers, especially if your partner is intent on keeping this information from you.

One of the most common reasons why the offending partner becomes tight-lipped about the details of the affair is because he is afraid of how you and even the other person would react. Your partner’s feelings depend greatly on how other people respond or react to him and his actions. So if he feels that you will respond in a negative way, or if he thinks that knowing the details will only hurt you, he would keep things to himself rather than share them with you.

Another possible reason why he keeps from opening up is the complete opposite of the first one – that is, he doesn’t care about your needs and only cares about his own. If your partner’s affair is of the “I don’t want to say no” type, he is usually too caught up in his own life and could not be bothered with your requests for answers and details.


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